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Spoil your feline royalty with the majestic Kings & Queens Charlotte 180cm Cat Tree, intricately curated to elevate their leisure and play to a realm of sophistication. With its towering stature of 180cm, this imperial structure embodies not just a scratching post, but an entire kingdom for your cat to rule.

Central to the Charlotte Cat Tree are its trio of stout scratching pillars, allowing ample room for your regal feline to stretch, sharpen, and showcase their natural clawing tendencies.

Further accentuating the luxurious experience, the Charlotte Cat Tree unveils multiple sanctuaries of comfort. Whether it’s basking in the glow of their empire or succumbing to a peaceful slumber, these snug havens provide just the right ambiance for every mood.

Injecting a dose of thrill, an enthralling hanging toy dangles temptingly, beckoning hours of dynamic engagement. This playful addition promises to hone both the physical agility and mental acuity of your furry monarch.

Elegantly draped in a palette of three sophisticated shades, the Kings & Queens Charlotte 180cm Cat Tree seamlessly melds with your home’s aesthetic, serving as both a regal retreat for your cat and a testament to your fine taste.

Our Charlotte 180 Cat Tree, crafted with precision and finesse, has been tailor-made to cater to the unique demands of larger breeds. These noble creatures, with their grandeur, deserve towering and robust platforms, ensuring they revel in the sheer joy of stretching and scratching to their heart’s content.

Yet, the Charlotte 180 is not merely about height and scratch. Ensuring unparalleled comfort, this layered edifice features a silken hammock, beckoning those leisurely afternoon siestas. Flanking its side are twin plush alcoves, offering intimate spaces for your feline to recede into tranquility.

Perched atop the Charlotte 180 is an expansive, cushioned observatory. This lofty perch, specially curated for the curious, allows them the pleasure of overseeing their domain from high above. With its spacious offerings, the Charlotte 180 emerges as the ideal choice for homes graced by multiple feline inhabitants.

Structurally, the Charlotte 180 prides itself on its unwavering foundation, anchored by a reinforced base. This meticulous design ensures that even in the midst of exuberant escapades, your cat’s kingdom remains unyielding and steadfast.

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colors – cappuccino plush and gray sisal
dimensions – length 59 cm, width 56 cm and height 180 cm
two soft sleeping houses of 40 x 40 cm and 30 cm high
suitable for every kind of cat, including Maine Coons and Ragdolls