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Tortoise Tower is perfectly designed to cater to the needs of cold-blooded pets like tortoises, especially during cooler months. The house is divided into two distinct areas: a private space for seclusion and a basking area where your tortoise can absorb essential UV rays, either from natural sunlight or a heat lamp placed on the provided support frame.

Key Features:

  • Includes a built-in hide box and a separate basking area, catering to the natural behaviors of tortoises
  • Two openable lids that facilitate easy cleaning and can be locked to ensure pet safety
  • Mesh wire construction allows for proper air circulation and natural light penetration
  • Equipped with a plastic tray to collect litter, making cleaning more convenient
  • Comes with a supported tray that can hold a heating lamp, essential for your tortoise’s warmth
  • Features a bottom shelf, ideal for storing pet supplies
  • Acrylic windows provide a clear view of your pet in their habitat
  • Constructed with a wooden structure and coated with water-resistant paint, enhancing its durability

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  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Fir wood, galvanized mesh wire and acrylic
  • Dimensions: 103H x 84L x 51Wcm. Main house: 32H x 32L x 44Wcm. Area: 0.14m². Run cage: 32H x 41.5L x 44Wcm. Area: 0.18m². Inner door: 19.5H x 19.4Wcm. Plastic tray: 81L x 48Wcm. Shelf: 15H x 81L x 48Wcm. Area: 0.38m²