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Starting my journey in 1979, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting more than a thousand dovecotes. This has cultivated a wealth of experience and fine-tuned my craftsmanship to the point where I confidently believe I’ve mastered the art. The first dovecote I built was so far from perfect that it met with an axe. But that was long ago. Today, I’ve honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies of doves and their unique housing needs. Some features in a dovecote are essential, while others, less so. Knowing which is which is a skill I have refined over the years.

Before setting up a dovecote, it’s important to consider its positioning. It should be located where you can readily see and admire it from your chosen spot. For best results, dovecotes should be placed in a sunny area, and sufficiently distanced from structures that might assist predators in reaching the nests, such as trees, fences, or outbuildings.

In the context of erecting the dovecote, we supply a comprehensive instruction sheet. But to provide a summary: commence by digging a hole using the ‘slip trench’ method. Assemble the two-part post and attach the finial to the top of the dovecote. With the dovecote in a horizontal position, insert the post into the central shaft within the dovecote. Stand the dovecote upright and fill the hole. Attach our custom-designed under-turf stabilisers, continue filling the hole, then re-lay the turf. I assure you, there’s no need for concrete. I’ve erected many dovecotes and never once resorted to using concrete.

Speaking of the dovecote post, I create it in a similar manner to how a split cane fishing rod is stronger than an uncut one. I build my posts from carefully chosen sections, which I then laminate together to form a whole post. This enhances its strength and, as each section is pressure treated individually, it provides multiple layers of protection underground, offering outstanding durability.

Now, let’s talk about our twenty nest dovecote. With its decagonal body and roof and four levels of five segregated nests, it provides an impressive home for twenty pairs of doves. The multiple levels and segregated nests mimic the natural nesting patterns of doves, offering an environment that’s comfortable and instinctively familiar to them.

As with all our products, we offer a 5-year guarantee because we’re confident about their quality and longevity. For more information about our guarantee, click here. With the twenty nest dovecote, you’re not just getting a practical structure, but a work of art that serves as a beautiful addition to your garden or landscape.

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