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Introducing our expertly handcrafted multi-level station – a dream come true for your cat’s feeding, playing, and lounging needs.

Ever had the dog snatching your cat’s food? Say no more! This unique design ensures that your feline’s meals remain undisturbed, making meal times a breeze.

Built to last, this sturdy product boasts a large foundational base, ensuring stability even during the wildest of cat escapades. Whether you have a single playful kitty or a boisterous clan of cats, this station promises to stand firm.

Playtime Central.

Beyond meals, this station doubles up as an activity hub. Its spacious design can easily handle the energetic antics of one or multiple cats. Tumble, jump, or chase – it’s equipped to handle it all.

Customization is key. Choose from two distinct heights to best suit your cat’s preferences. Incorporated into this masterpiece are scratching posts wrapped in robust 6mm henpecks rope. Not only is it durable, but it’s also weatherproof and waterproof, perfect for those outdoor adventures.

The generously-sized middle platform is a sunbather’s delight, offering a cozy nook for those lazy afternoon siestas.

Ease of use? We’ve got you covered. This product arrives at your doorstep fully assembled. Just unwrap and watch your cat leap into action!

Please note: Given the artisanal nature of this product, slight variations in measurements may occur.

Delivery Details:

Estimated build time is typically within 14 days post-order, though it might vary during peak seasons. Curious about the exact build date? Reach out to us

Please note: We cater to UK Mainland deliveries ONLY.

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Height 122 cm (4 foot) or 92 cm (3 foot)

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Length 76 cm (30 inches)

Width 48 cm (19 inches)


3ft, 4ft