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Scratching is an innate behavior in cats, serving various purposes such as claw maintenance, muscle stretching, and territory marking. Providing a scratching tree is an excellent way to fulfill these natural instincts while safeguarding your furniture from potential damage.

Introducing the magnificent “Kenna” cat tree—an ideal choice for cat owners seeking a versatile and engaging play, climb, and rest space for their feline companions. With a generous base area of 110 x 50 cm and a towering height of 143 cm, this cat tree offers abundant room for exploration and play, ensuring endless hours of entertainment for your beloved cat.

One of the standout features of the “Kenna” cat tree is its five Ø 11 cm sisal trunks, strategically positioned to provide ample space for scratching and muscle stretching. Crafted from durable sisal material, these trunks can withstand even the most vigorous scratching, ensuring their longevity and making them an excellent choice for a cat tree.

In addition to the scratching trunks, the “Kenna” cat tree boasts a cozy cave nestled between two of the sisal trunks. This inviting hideaway offers your cat a private and secure sanctuary to retreat to, which can be particularly comforting for shy or nervous felines. It provides a safe haven where your cat can relax, unwind, and feel protected within their own personal space.

Another remarkable feature of the “Kenna” cat tree is its four comfortable lying areas. These strategically placed surfaces provide your cat with multiple options for napping or simply lounging around in utter contentment. These elevated perches cater to cats’ natural desire to observe their surroundings from a higher vantage point, offering a sense of security and a perfect spot for them to rest and rejuvenate.

Invest in the “Kenna” cat tree and give your furry friend an all-in-one playground that satisfies their scratching needs, provides ample opportunities for climbing and exploration, and offers cozy spots for relaxation. Watch with delight as your cat indulges in their natural behaviors while enjoying the comfort and support of the lying areas.

Enhance your cat’s environment with the “Kenna” cat tree—a masterpiece that combines functionality, durability, and comfort, ensuring your feline companion’s well-being and happiness.

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Base 110 x 50 cm
height 143 cm
sisal trunks Ø 11 cm