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Unveiling The Elpis Tortoise Table, an exquisite fusion of classic design and contemporary functionality. Sculpted from the grace of 18mm pinewood, this table stands as an emblem of luxury and care for your cherished tortoise. The Elpis isn’t just about providing shelter; it’s about blending an artifact of beauty into your home setting.

Key Features:

  1. Graceful Pinewood Construction: The Elpis flaunts a frame meticulously crafted from 18mm pinewood, bestowing both durability and a timeless charm that complements any decor.
  2. All-Rounded Amenities: Furnished with a snug house and an easy-access ramp, this table also incorporates a UV bar for ideal light exposure, and a dedicated lamp holder, ensuring optimal warmth for your pet.
  3. Customized Touch: Making each table distinctly personal, a name plaque is included. Share your details, and let this bespoke touch speak volumes of your affection.
  4. Practical Shelf Space: Thoughtfully designed with an additional shelf, The Elpis offers ample storage or display space for your convenience.
  5. Pond Lined Base: Prioritizing cleanliness and longevity, the table features a pond lined base, ensuring a moisture-resistant surface and easy maintenance.
  6. Ideal Dimensions: Standing proud at a height of 80cm to the table’s surface, and stretching to 95cm at the pinnacle of the house, it provides a spacious vertical domain. The 30cm depth of the table area guarantees a generous playground for your tortoise.


  • Elegant Craftsmanship: The rich pinewood design seamlessly transitions The Elpis from a mere pet habitat to an elegant piece of home furniture.
  • Holistic Living: From the UV bar to the welcoming house and ramp, The Elpis leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a comprehensive, cozy abode for your tortoise.
  • Personalized Essence: The inclusion of a name plaque adds a heartwarming, bespoke feel to the table, making it a true testament to your affection.
  • Utility and Care: The pond lined base coupled with the additional shelf space showcases The Elpis’s design ingenuity, balancing style and practicality.

The Elpis Tortoise Table stands as an ode to refinement and deliberate design. Elevate your living quarters with this emblem of elegance, ensuring your tortoise revels in the comfort it richly deserves. Experience a blend of traditional craft and contemporary care with The Elpis Tortoise Table.

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120cm x 60cm, 150cm x 60cm, 180cm x 60cm


120cm x 60cm, 150cm x 60cm, 180cm x 60cm