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Introducing the Haydock 1000 Chicken Coop, a remarkable synthesis of functionality and comfort specifically designed for your feathered friends. It offers ample living space for up to 15 Bantams or 10 Laying Hens. And with the optional Large Fowl Modification, it is also capable of comfortably accommodating 6 large fowl birds, including a cockerel.

Drawing upon four decades of wisdom as a full-time chicken coop designer and chicken keeper, the Haydock 1000 Chicken Coop embodies an unparalleled commitment to the wellbeing of both hens and their keepers. It features three nests and a generous 2.5 meters of perching space, thoughtfully designed to cater to the natural behaviors and comfort of your hens.

The ground-level nesting area has been ingeniously designed to satisfy the hens’ deep-seated instincts to nest in the undergrowth. Alongside this, the coop offers high roosting spaces, echoing the hens’ ancestral habit of perching on high tree branches at dusk. With perching options set on two levels, even the lowest hens in the pecking order get a comfortable perch that helps to prevent breast deformities associated with improper perching sizes.

The unique nest shutter system is another highlight of the Haydock 1000 Chicken Coop. This feature prevents hens from occupying the nest overnight, thus avoiding fouling which can contaminate eggs and even affect the health of the hens. As a testament to the thoughtfulness behind its design, the entire nest bank, along with the opposing wall, a section of the roof, the central floor, and the perch bars, is removable for comprehensive cleaning access. This attention to cleanliness safeguards the health of your poultry and enhances their egg production.

The Haydock 1000 Coop also gives special attention to ventilation, understanding its crucial role in the hens’ wellbeing. By expelling warm, stale air via the vented ridge and drawing in fresh, cool air through the inlets under the eaves, the coop maintains an optimal airflow. This design feature mitigates the heat and methane produced by the hens overnight and reduces the risk of respiratory problems.

In essence, the Haydock 1000 Chicken Coop is a clear demonstration of decades-long expertise in poultry keeping and coop design. It balances the inherent needs of the hens with the keepers’ convenience, making it an outstanding choice for those seeking the best for their poultry. It’s not just a chicken coop; it’s a lovingly crafted habitat for your hens.

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